Thursday, 21 November 2013

Writing on an iPad! / Blue & Studs

How cool is this? I downloaded the blogger app & now I'm posting using my iPad. Not cool? Must be the nerd in me then.

So, this is my 3rd post, and so far I have been rambling, so I'd thought I'd share something with you all today which is my personal style. I decided to go for a studded, rock chic look today.

Studs on my denim jacket and studs on my wrist. I got the jacket at Padini for rm89, and I love it! So far, it's the cheapest jacket I can find in shops, and it's of good quality, alhamdulillah. The ring was from Diva London I think, got it quite a long time ago. I can't remember where I got the bracelet though.

What do you think? 😁

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Edit: This the picture I posted on Instagram...

This is Cee signing off.

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